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Carl's Speed Shop Grabs Another AHDRA Street Pro Record

After two events Carl's Speed Shop has a win and a new ET National Record

 It didn't take the guys from Carl's Speed Shop long. At their very first AHDRA event of the year, and after a seven-month layoff, they rolled their XL-based Street Pro bike out of the trailer and to a first practice run that matched the existing class record of 9.54-sec. ET. Things only got quicker and faster for the Daytona Beach, Florida, team during that weekend in Maple Grove, Pennsylvania. Doug Morrow, who does all the riding these days, followed up that practice run with a blistering 9.48 ET qualifying pass, and in the Final posted a 9.49 ET / 142 MPH for the Class Win.

 And this was the team's first time out for 2002!

 Three weeks later at Norwalk, Ohio, the Carl's Speed Shop team picked up the winning pace even more. This time they came out of the trailer with a 9.47 ET for a first practice run, backing that with a 9.50 to become the No. 1 Qualifier. Then, during Second Round Eliminations Doug ripped the lid off the old AHDRA 1/8-mile record with a 6.01 ET, continuing the run with a 1/4-mile time of 9.43 ET, just .03 off the national record for that distance.

 "And that's what we're aiming for next," says team leader and veteran racer Carl Morrow. "We want that 1/4-mile ET record, too." Carl's Speed Shop already holds the AHDRA's Street Pro MPH Record for the 1/4-mile, with a 146.88 top-end speed. It's a record Carl's Speed Shop has owned for more than a year.

 This kind of success isn't surprising. Carl Morrow has been winning drag races since 1965, setting National Records even back then. He ran a 10.80 ET with a kick-start/iron-head Sportster! Since then Carl's Speed Shop has amassed a total of 87 different National and World Records in both 1/4-Mile and Bonneville Land Speed Record competition. Carl stopped riding the bikes himself in the mid-'70s, concentrating instead on engine building and tuning--for himself and for many of his closest competitors! Carl's 31-year-old son, Doug, does all the riding now, and has since he was 18.

 It isn't surprising that Carl's has chosen to contest the AHDRA Street Pro class, either. Carl's Speed Shop is well known for its custom, high-performance Harley-Davidson street engines and the impressive 100-plus HP / 95-inch "Git Kit" conversions. Street Pro is the AHDRA class most representative of a true street bike. There are no wheelie bars allowed, the tires must be DOT-approved, the bike has to start on its own with an on-board starter motor, nitrous-oxide isn't allowed, and neither are air shifters. Their bike is  based around an S&S equipped 124-cubic inch XL with a modified frame to accept the bigger engine. The 70-inch wheelbase Record-Breaking and Record-Holding Harley gives away displacement to the competition too, with most other racers in the class mounted on 130- to 140-inch machines, the class limit. A savvy racer, Carl Morrow gets all that right back with light weight; AHDRA mandates that Street Pro bikes carry 5.5 lbs. per cubic inch.

 AHDRA's Pro Classes aren't easy. At the most you get only three qualifying passes to make the field. That's it. To succeed here a race team better have it all together, and fast, or they're going home early. No one at Carl's Speed Shop goes home early, at least not from the track. Carl's will do another three events in 2002, and the question isn't will some more records fall, it's by how much!