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What:New 1/4 and 1/8 mile world records
Where:Rockingham, NC
When: October 9 & 10, 1999
Sanctioning Body: All Harley Drag Racing
Association (AHDRA)

After being absent for four years from national drag racing, Carl's Speed Shop regained the
world Unlimited Street bike 1/4 mile record at 9.11 E.T. with a best speed of 147.83 mph.

The Carl's Speed Shop Unlimited Street bike also set the world 1/8 mile E.T. record at
5.82 seconds.

Both world records were set in AHDRA's Unlimited Street bike class using only a naturally
aspirated engine run on gasoline and NO power additive booster such as nitrous oxide.

Our rider, Doug Morrow, went through five tough rounds of elimination's going quicker
each run. In the final elimination round, Doug ran against the previous world record
holder and the current champion, beating him with a 9.11 E.T. against the opponent's
best ever run of 9.20 E.T. The Win in the final elimination round netted Carl's Speed Shop
and Doug Morrow the world's fastest Unlimited Street Bike.

Top Gun 3 Records With the Best Time of 164.519 One Way Speed

Twin Cam 2 Records With Best Time of 159.030 One Way Speed

Unlimited 1 Record With A Time of 178.248 One Way Speed