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His majesty, Sultan Iskandar, the King of Malaysia is an avid motorcyclist. The late Malcom Forbes stopped in Malaysia while on a global tour and discovered the Kings interest in motorcycles, before leaving he gave his Majesty (Right on Malcom!) a Harley Davidson FXR as a gift. Since then, an Evolution FXEF has been added to the royal motorcycle stable.

How does a head of state maintain his motorcycles when he’s half way around the world? When it involves Harley’s, the King of Malaysia calls Carl Morrow at Carl’s Speed Shop in Daytona Beach, FL.. .Literally. Carl and his majesty spent scores of hours via satellite telephone, working out details on a bigger motor for his FXEF. Carl found the King to be “well read” on Harleys and “nuts and bolts orientated,” he may not do his own mechanical work due to royal protocol but “he gets in there.”

The decision was made to start with a new motor straight from Milwaukee, tear it down and rebuild it. After the barrel spigots were bored. A set of 96” stroker cylinders, pistons and bottom end were installed. Porting tools enlarged, contoured and cleaned up intake and exhaust tracts, then a new valve job performed on the heads. The entire valve train was also upgraded and an S&S Super G carburetor mounted, the entire rebuild was accomplished “without a hitch”

Following the blueprint Carl and the King had worked out.

The motor was carefully broken in for “insurance” (Carl didn’t want any problems or surprises while on the other side of the globe), then crated for shipment. Carl, along with his wife Diane and son Doug then flew to Malaysia to the King’s palace for an audience and to supervise the installation of the “Fit for a King” stroker.

Since the engine swap was well planned the installation was accomplished with no difficulty. During his visit Carl also trained his majesty’s’ motorcycle mechanics how to maintain the King’s new and more powerful motor.With the swap completed the King pulled out the FXR for Carl, he wanted Carl to ride with him while he checked out the response from the stroked motor.

When the King of Malaysia goes for a putt he’s accompanied by a large entourage of vehicles, even though he rides “solo”. There are additional perks being a Head of State biker; number one.. .NO Traffic! (An LA motorcyclist’s fantasy every time he white-lines thru grid-locked commuter traffic.) Blocker vehicles run ahead and behind of His Majesty and all cross traffic is halted until he passes; this enables the King to “cruise” at small aircraft rates of speed if he desires. Listening to Carl’s account of the ride, the King was pleased when they returned to the palace. The King showed his appreciation for a job well done by sending Carl and his family on a royal planned week long vacation of Beautiful Malaysia.

Harley Expert Makes a Palace Call
Malaysian Monarch Treats Guest Royally

Malaysian King mounts his custom Harley at foot of palace steps as Carl Morrow checks the royal motorcycle

Carl Inspects the Progress with the King &  Instructs The Royal mechanics thru all phases of the blueprint Starting with the Inspection of the crated engine.