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How important is a valve job? What effect does the valve seat have on air flow and ultimately engine performance? What kind of gains can we achieve through high performance valve jobs? Ask any worthy high performance engine builder and he will tell you the importance of a good valve job. After all, every bit of the precious air/fuel mixture must pass by, over and around the valve seat, going into and out of the cylinder. So it stands to reason that this indeed is a most critical area. In the past, valve seats were cut or ground in with stones, in a series of angles and then lapped for the right finish. Compared to the Serdi, this is strictly “stone age!” Of course, not everyone is going to spend $35,000 plus for a Serdi, so I guess stones will have to do for some. The problem with grinding is the fact that it is destructive for the seat surface, dirty and in the long run can reduce the efficiency of the motor because of the inconsistency of the valve seats. Another problem associated with the older method of seat cutting is the method in which the cutter or stone is held on center. A pilot is expanded in the top portion of the valve guide by hand which can vary from one to the next. The Serdi extends from a high precision spindle, which is an integrated part of an air-floated sphere. With this method, combined movement allows for automatic centering in the guide, every time. This in turn allows for Reference machining of the valve seat into the guide axis perfect! The spindle in the Serdi 100 is equipped with Class “O” high precision bearing with a maximum run out of .0002 inches. The actual pilot itself is straight-shanked carbide and ground to fit within .0004 of the guide. These improvements relate to gains in performance. Also, because the Serdi method keeps the seal area concentric with the valve guide, the reliability and engine life will also improve. Heat transfer from the valve to the head requires precise contact with the seat. A concentric valve job means cooler running valves and longer life.For a stock rebuild or a ten second street bike, you can’t do better than a precision Serdi valve job from Carl’s.

When it comes to High Performance, we set a new standard!

The Perfect Serdi Valve Job

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